Heart Health Check

Heart Health Check includes a an ECG to check for irregular heart rhythm, a 24 hour blood pressure to check for high blood pressure, and a blood test for cholesterol and diabetes as well as other routine blood analysis. We will also check your height, and weight. The results will be used to calculate your QRISK score that can give an indication of your heart health. 

Women's Health 

We offer a comprehensive suit of women's health services. Dr. Emer Byrne has higher qualifications in women's health enabling us to provide a variety of options on contraception and menopause. 

Community Surgery 

We have the skills required to removes warts and other skin lesions and lumps in our surgery. 

Travel Health and Vaccinations 

We offer a variety of travel and general health vaccinations.

Aesthetic Medicine

Dr. Emer Byrne has a masters in aesthetic medicine, enabling us to provide anti-wrinkle injections and fillers in our surgery. 

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