COVID-19 Testing at Kells Medical 

Information about accessing PCR Covid -19 Testing

What test do we provide?

At Kells Medical we offer the PCR test for Covid -19. This is the preferred test of  the HSE and the government of Ireland and is the gold standard test for detecting Covid 19. This is a nasal swab. It has an up to 98% sensitivity rate. 

What is the Cost?

The fee for the test is 180 euro. 

Why is it more expensive than the other testing offered?

The sample has to go to a lab where viral assays are performed by trained persons. This is labour intensive. There is also a higher sensitivity offered. 

What is the turnaround time / when will I get my result?

The result is available  < 48 hours on receipt to the lab. We aim to send all samples to the lab same day as long as they are taken early on in the day. We will receive electronic communication of your result and it will be forward to your email. 

I need a PCR test what next?

The country or airline that requires your test result asks that it be taken within a certain window prior to travel, this varies, please ensure you book the correct time and date for you test. 

Call 046 940 4004 and book your test date, you can also pay for your test over the phone at this point, an invoice can be emailed at request. 

The day of your test please arrive at the clinic promptly. Stay in your car. Call 046 940 4004 again and inform reception you are outside. If the Doctor is available right away you will be asked to enter the clinic and will walk directly into the Doctors room. The Doctor will be wearing proactive equipment. The sample will be taken and then you can leave. 

If you wish to speak to the Doctor please return to your car and call reception and we will be happy to answer your questions. Your result will be emailed to you. 

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